Drew Barrymore – Ultimate 90s Fashion Icon

Drew-Barrymore-Ultimate 90s-icon

90s fashion trends making a comeback! Ultimate 90s Fashion Icon -Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore doesn’t fit in the typical Hollywood beauty.
She’s different, special and a bit wild.

Characteristics of her personality is reflected in her style – wild,charismatic,creative. She was a paradigm for ’90s grunge style.While she experimented with different trends and looks, the core of her personal style always seemed to be rooted in the 90s.
With her authentic style she was not a typical style icon,in fact nothing was typical about her. She managed to still look chic while wearing baggy clothes and a polka dot and rose printed blouse!
Feminine and grungy Drew is ultimate 90s fashion icon.

Fashion is recycled and history will repeat itself. Since 90s fashion made a huge revival on the fashion scene in 2016,Drew’s style is ultimate guide to 90s fashion!
There’s simply no one else who mixes floral minis and oversize plaid flannels quite like her.

Let’s take a look at times she was the epitome of ’90s fashion.

Ultimate 90s Fashion IconUltimate 90s Fashion Icon DrewDrew-Barrymore-Ultimate 90sDrew-Barrymore-Ultimate 90s-iconDrew-Barrymore-Ultimate 90s-iconDrew-Barrymore-Ultimate 90s-iconDrew-Barrymore-Ultimate 90s-iconDrew-Barrymore-Ultimate 90s-icon Drew-Barrymore-Ultimate 90s-icon


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