Victoria Beckham’s Best All Black Fashion Looks

You can have any color as long as it’s BLACK! Black is authoritive, powerful, evokes strong emotions.Black represents power, sophistication, elegance, formality, mystery and the unknown. Nothing will ever replace our beloved black. Victoria Beckham’s fashion outfits are so effortlessly chic. There really isn’t anyone who is more posh than Victoria Beckham the former spice girl,fashion designer, … Read more

MtV VMAs 2016: 6 Best Dressed Celebrities

MtV VMAs 2016: 6 Best Dressed Celebrities The 2016 MTV VMAs have come and gone and when the ceremony swept through Madison Square Garden on Sunday night, it brought a whole lot of amazing fashion moments. Everyone talks about Beyoncé and Kim as usual no matter what those two wear they are always best dressed celebrities!  “I Mean Really” that Beyoncé’s dress … Read more

Drew Barrymore – Ultimate 90s Fashion Icon

90s fashion trends making a comeback! Ultimate 90s Fashion Icon -Drew Barrymore Drew Barrymore doesn’t fit in the typical Hollywood beauty. She’s different, special and a bit wild. Characteristics of her personality is reflected in her style – wild,charismatic,creative. She was a paradigm for ’90s grunge style.While she experimented with different trends and looks, the core of … Read more